Aim of the project

The scope of this project concerns the delivery, through the Internet, of textbooks that were used in the educational process from the 19th century to the early 1980's. The biggest part of this material, known as "Historical Collection", belongs to the Institute of Educational Policy and is part of its library, while extra material was found in other libraries (public and private ones) and institutions.

This specific collection, which includes two centuries of the history of school textbooks and over 6.000 ebooks, concerns:

  • The members of the educational community, namely some 130,000 teachers of primary and secondary education, researchers and Greek students. Access to old textbooks, may prove essential tool of education, especially in the teaching of subjects such as history or Greek. Indeed, the evolution of Greek society and knowledge generally outlined through the texts, images, curriculum, values ​​and knowledge contained in textbooks of each historical period. In this way, the different perspectives offered by old textbooks to pupils give fertile ground for the development of critical thinking and interpretation.
  • In every Greek citizen, old textbooks are part of the national cultural heritage of modern times. With this project, every citizen has in its disposal,for the first time, an important part of the cultural wealth of the country. Moreover, as the Greek society in modern history is reflected through the work material, the online availability of the collection to the public helps to develop the historical and cultural consciousness of every Greek citizen and feeds the historical and social dialogue.
  • In academia and researchers in the fields of history, political science, sociology, and related items. The project material and documentation facilitates their work in their respective areas while the ease of access encourages new research efforts.